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NO7 for her Body Lotion 6.8ozNO7 for her Body Lotion 6.8oz
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NO7 for her Body Lotion 6.8oz NO7 for her Body Lotion 6.8oz

NO7 for her Body Lotion 6.8oz

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NO7 for her Body Lotion.
Top Notes
Bergamot comes from a small tree that blossoms during the winter called Citrus bergamia. It’s a citrus fruit with a green color similar to a lime. It has the capability to combine with a bundle of scents to form aromas that perfectly complement each other.
Lemon is a small thorny tree with bright yellow citrusy fruits, cultivated in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Lemon originates from the Middle East, and it was probably brought to Spain and Africa somewhere in the Middle Ages. Lemon is described as astringent, sour, sweet undertone, aromatic nuance, bright, cheerful and vibrant.
Lavender is a genus to the Lamiaceae family native to Europe and Eastern Africa. Lavender has a floral, fresh, sweet, herbaceous and sometimes slightly fruity scent to it.
Mid Notes
: Geranium is a genus of cranesbills family. Geranium has a very distinctive lemony, peppery green scent with a hint of a rose.
The King of Herds which is native to India who has been cultivating it there for 5,000+ years. Basil has an energetic, pungent, often luscious scent to it. Basil is available in various shades of green with distinct scents to it due to the different proportions of essential oils available.
Jasmine is a genus from the Oleaceae family which are native to the tropical areas of Eurasia, Australasia and Oceania. Jasmine has an incredibly intense aroma that has a rich,sweet, and fruity scent to it.
Base Notes
Patchouli is a wonderful green bushy herb of the mint family. It belongs to the genus Pogostemon and grows up to two or three feet in height. Sweet, dark, with an earthy, woody edge, it is very popular in many blends, especially the contemporary woody floral musks.
Musk can be described in many different ways. The description may range from sweet, creamy or powdery, to rich, leathery, spicy and even woodsy, and animalistic nuance.
Cedarwood has a very elegant smoky wood note to it. It’s very dry and dusty, clean, and reminds you of pencil shavings.
NO7 for her Body Lotion.

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